Urban Lifters Zughilfen Stoff Paar Weight Lifting Straps - BTGJU7VQ

Urban Lifters Zughilfen Stoff Paar Weight Lifting Straps - BTGJU7VQ

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  • Ideal for any 'Pulling' exercises (Deadlift, Pullups, Rows) or any exercise where you are holding the weight against gravity (lunges and shrugs)

  • Fully Tested Performance enhancement features -Fully eliminated grip as a limiting factor in your lifts.

  • Urban Lifters branded.

  • 21.5 Inches extended length with 5mm foam padding to protect the wrist whilst lifting.

  • Urban Lifters Weightlifting Straps are one of the most cost effective training accessories available and can prove hugely beneficial to many lifters.

    What are Lifting Straps? Urban Lifters straps are made from a tough, long lasting fabric. At the top is a loop which fits around your wrist. Our loop has a 5mm foam padding to ensure comfort and support for the wrist. The other end of the strap is then wrapped around the bar and held inside your hand during the lift.

    What is the purpose of Lifting Straps? The primary purpose of Lifting Straps is to take away as much of the strain as possible from your hands and grip when trying to perform pull motions or any exercise where you are holding a weight against gravity.

    Whilst performing these pull exercises it is vital that grip does not become the limiting factor. With the issue of grip removed the weight can be held for much longer than would otherwise be possible. As a result more repetitions and sets can be carried out at a higher weight. This can improve your strength and muscle mass greatly. It also ensures that you back is the primary muscle being developed during the lift rather than the forearms.

    Since back exercises are lifting strap’s main beneficiaries, consider this example: Say that you incorporate one arm dumbbell rows for lats. You start with a dumbbell that you have no problem holding on to, but as your lats and arms increase in size and strength, the heavier dumbbells you must use. This could cause you to have problems holding on to the dumbbell. Your lats are capable of 8 reps, but you can only hold on for 2 or 3 reps (this means you may have to interrupt the set every few reps to re-grip the weight). That takes away a lot of the intensity and concentration from the movement. Here, using straps would solve the problem. Using straps for these heavy sets would now enable you to get the whole set in and allow further increases.

    Urban Lifters Zughilfen Stoff Paar Weight Lifting Straps - BTGJU7VQ